Setting Sail Again On Faith Twin Flames, I’ve been through the ringer with it. What I’m in right now… I’m confused. It’s everything we think of as twin flames, but after my original experience with twin flames, I don’t want the label. I don’t want anywhere near it, yet I can’t walk away from what I’m in, this is so much more than anything I experienced before. The main difference though was that the relationship that led me to twin flames, we were in it together. We walked each step of the way with honesty and an understanding of the other. That relationship changed me into everything I am today, but it’s over. I feel that in everything I am. This other relationship, this other man, four and a half years I’ve tried to avoid him and he keeps coming back. Not physically, we haven’t spoken in more than two years, and we were never anything but friends before, but in my soul, he’s there, I hear him in my head, I feel his touch when he’s nowhere near. He’s a part of me in a way I can’t even explain. He’s a performer and on nights I’m going out to see him, he tells me in my head what he’ll be wearing, what he’ll play. We have conversations and a rather passionate relationship on the ethereal planes and for four and a half years I’ve tried to convince myself I’m just crazy, but I can’t do that anymore because denying what is happening here, IS making me crazy.

I don’t know how to do what I’m in. I don’t know how to have a bonded relationship in 5D and nothing in 3D. I have tremendous guides though who I know have been leading me the entire time. They told me this man was coming into my life the month before he did. My guides call him the great destiny of my life. They say he and I are here to heal the planet together, but we don’t even speak to one another and he’s in a very committed relationship. I did this already. I did this, I learned, I grew into someone I really love and I wanted to be done with all of this. But here I am.

buy vytorin 10 40 Last night, I sat in a crowd of people while this man came into the audience and took great care to make eye contact with everyone in the row in front of me, and everyone to the left of me, then he came to me and he closed his eyes. He didn’t open them until he was safely looking to the other side of me.

Something in his inability to look at me, spoke more than all the times he has looked at me and something in me shifted. I have to follow this path. This isn’t the same as it was with my twin. That relationship with my twin flame, made me ready for whatever this is and whatever this is, it’s important. This has never been a meeting of this world. None of the time we shared was normal. Yes, we laughed and flirted a lot, but we talked about deep things and went beyond the veil in truth and wisdom.

I always saw when he got scared and he’d immediately turn the conversation back to the Christian god and his church and what was allowed and what isn’t and he was gone, mostly. He was like a scared kid hiding behind a fence, mostly in the safe zone, but still curious about me, my life, my beliefs.

For two years our connection deepened, our memories of each other shifted, our ease and our comfort. So many times he showed me such deep kindness and along the way, I fell into a very unconventional love with him. A love that was scared and indignant, but real nonetheless.

Four and a half years down the road, a two year separation, yet here I am again, back at the same place, the same man and everything in me calls more than ever to stay this course, but there are real-life complications that I don’t know how to overcome, I only know I must. I know I must find a sense of bravery and compassion the depths of which I’ve never known. I know I must be patient and gentle and trust in the ways of a spiritual realm who has a much deeper understanding of the purpose and the path. I must commit myself to this conviction that my guides have laid out for me, this truth they’ve shown me time and again, he and I are to heal this world, but only in deep love, because in the deepest love, is the deepest magic.

So today I set sail again on this voyage of tricky waters, I have a compass of faith and the rich nutrients of my wisdom gained over the years. I will set out on this course my task to leave ego and wounded pride on the docks and only follow the purest light of love home. For he is my home, and I am his and this is the season of reunion. A’ho and Amen, so it is.


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