A Girl’s Guide to Gwynnie Bee

It was another totally fun Friday night out at Disney Springs. Last night’s outfit was again from Gwynnie Bee. I could not love this service more. I absolutely love having the opportunity to dress up and try so many different styles. I’m a girly girl to my core and this service suites my lifestyle to a tee.

If you want to try it out, use my referral code, get a free month and $10 off your second month. http://goo.gl/AP28VGT

If you aren’t familiar with Gywnnie Bee, they are clothing service like so many others around today, but rather than buying these clothes each month, you pay a flat rate and you have a revolving wardrobe of new items that you don’t have to launder or ever wear again. You get to try on new things, things you’d never spend the money to buy, and stretch past your dressing comfort zone in a very no harm no foul sort of way that I find delightful!

What I love the most is that having these clothes come in regularly, getting to try so many things, it has given me the desire to dress up again and as silly as this may sound, it’s given me a boost in my self confidence. We all get into slumps, especially when money gets tight as it did for me the past two years. I found myself wearing the same four things over and over and that affects your emotions on a deeper level than we realize.

Once you’re committed, and these clothes start arriving, even on a night when I’d ordinary put no effort into my appearance, I find myself pushing past my barriers and wearing the red dress anyway, because I need to send it back and get the next thing… and I won’t send something back until I’ve had a chance to wear it! The bonus is, once you’ve got the dress on, and people start telling you how nice you look… I even had cast members complimenting the dress, your mood changes and you’re so glad you put on the dress that you no way would have had without Gwynnie Bee.

I love getting to try things I otherwise wouldn’t, I love that there’s no risk to me, and I’ve loved everything they’ve sent me.

This service is for plus size women, I believe their size range is 10 to 32, and the rate varies depending on which plan you subscribe to. It IS a subscription and they will charge you every month unless you cancel. Your rate will vary depending on how many pieces you choose to have out at a time, anything from 1 – 10 is an option, plans start at $49 a month for one item at a time and goes up to $199 for 7 items. I currently have 2 items out at $69 but am experimenting with a free trial they gave me to have 3 items out which if I keep will put my rate up to $89. I’ll write a post later about what I felt the difference was and if it’s worth the difference in cost.

Here’s how this works

900 mg neurontin Step 1: You go through the website and add styles you like into your virtual closet. The clothes you’ll choose from are name brand, high end clothing. The materials aren’t thin and are in perfect condition when they arrive. You can tag these items as priority, or you can place them on hold as well. Like I recently went through my closet and put all the sweaters on hold, but if we have another cold snap, I can easily go back in, find the ones I liked and tag them priority. This is a winter lifesaver for someone who lives in Florida!

click here Step 2: Gwynnie Bee chooses your items and sends you an email with a tracking number. You receive your clothes packaged nicely in a box and wrapped in tissue. It feels just like receiving new clothes. I get so excited every single time!

http://iceberg4ac.com/20140430_134054/?share=twitter Step 3: You wear what you want in whatever time frame that works for you. There are no limits on how many times in a month you can send things back. So just wear and be happy!

Step 4: Send everything back in the pre-paid return envelope included. Do not launder anything! Then you tell them online that you’ve sent them back and they start prepping your next box. Honestly, the process couldn’t be easier.

Then the cycle repeats.

They add new styles to their service every single week and will send you an email so you can check everything out. They have casual styles, dressy styles, and work styles too. There are so many clothes to choose from you won’t get bored.

Plus, you can buy anything you really fall in love with at a huge discount. The red dress, to keep, would cost me $59. I bought a pair of amazing jeans last month for $39 that would have easily cost me $90 at Lane Bryant. They also have a boutique where they sell retired clothing. I bought a dress that would have retailed at $140, for $25 and it is gorgeous with nothing wrong with it.

Last night’s outfit was again from Gwynnie Bee. I could not love this service more. If you want to try it out, use my referral code, get a free month and $10 off your second month. http://goo.gl/AP28VG

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