A Revolution

http://taylordcommunication.com/contact/embed/ I’m having an interesting astrological event happening over the next few days where the sun is conjunct my natal stellium, a stellium that includes Pluto and Uranus, so revolution is afoot.

isotretinoin online pharmacy Between some interesting developments in my personal life, mixed with another stupid bout of Facebook jail, I’m going to use this powerful energy to fully align with my soul purpose.

http://ourjewishstory.org/2015/12/ We all know the pull to please everyone else and how hard it can be to break free, but maybe that’s exactly what I need to do. Break free.

Thankfully society had at least started to pay a lot of lip service to this idea not worrying what others think, but this astrological moment that is demanding revolution from me may be the thing that finally pushes me to my most authentic self.

The one you get to when you stop worrying about anyone else or what they want from you.

I’m leaving Facebook.

My soul is demanding it of me and I no longer have the heart to resist.

I know it will be hard at first but if I’m entirely honest, I started my online life as an author and a blogger and I’m really good at both, but I think FB has diminished my voice and I want it back.

My birthday is in 2 week and this next year of my life, I’m going to shine like never before.This is finally my time to be. Look for me here, on Instagram, and if you want real and raw, on Patreon. The world is at an amazing shift point. I believe love and romance are returning. I want to be a part of that with you all. I’m ready for the dawn of something beautiful and I hope you’ll come with me for the ride.

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