Chasing Stardust

Available Now On Smashwords! The day the dark knights take Lexi’s father in front of her is the day her life begins.

see She stands there unable to do anything to stop the horrific event from unfolding, but in that moment, Lexi has no idea that her entire world has just shifted off its axis. Her journey begins simply enough, she wants her father back, but the discovery of a much bigger universe than she realized, mixed with new friends, and a prophecy of a lost queen soon comes to rest on her shoulders… and then there’s Gemini. A man she feels inside her, his words echo in her head.

go to site But for now, all of that has to wait, because Lexi is going to save her father. No matter what.

In a world where betrayal and heartache are the currency of the day, and treachery lies in every shadow, Lexi Corazón will defy everything, risk anything, to rescue her father from the dark knights. Secrets unravel, a greater mystery forms, and a love deep enough to bring light back to the hidden realms is found while chasing stardust through the galaxy.

Sci-fi, Futuristic, Paranormal, Young Adult

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