A New Chapter – October

go to site Another chapter of my life ended last night as Pluto went direct. I was prepared for it and am even looking forward to where I go from here, but endings are always bittersweet.

http://aboodlawaz.com/?p=1 This was an important chapter, one running much of this year. It was a chapter that showed me my power to make things happen as I saw over the summer with the weight lifting, and I saw in my personal life with Disney Springs as my goals were more than just met, everything came together better than I dreamed.

http://walanet.org/?feed=rss2 It was a chapter that also taught me to deal with crappy people without talking their crap on me. This year started with a deep betrayal, but honestly, I’ve run into a lot of crappy people this year. People who pretend to be on your side until you do something they don’t understand, or until you’ve given them what they want… then they drop off the face of the earth.

I honestly don’t have time for that nonsense and this year taught me that it’s honestly not me and that is sweet freedom!

buy caverta cheap I also came to a new surrender on my soul path. 

I’ll be honest, that was absolutely forced in the past week, but I stepped up and did what my guides were asking and though this commitment is new, I have no choice but to stick it!

In many ways I’m stronger then I’ve ever been physically, emotionally, and spiritually… which is good because my guides say I’m about to enter the hardest chapter of my life, the mastery of self.

The upside is that I control the timing on this new chapter as it simply doesn’t end until I’m half my current size and have my next book written.

In a way, it’s a repeat of summer, only with success under my belt. I wrote a damn good book this summer and I changed my body. I’m still struggling with eating, so I will put extra determination into that! The most important part is that this time, I know exactly what I intend the outcome to be and that’s powerful.

So here’s to new chapters, new adventures and new lives. May October be blessed for us all.

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