Self Mastery, A Quest

go to site As I wrote you yesterday, a chapter finished in my life and a new one has begun. My guides are calling this the chapter of self mastery and have flat out told me, this will be the hardest thing I face in this life.

order accutane canada Now, to be fair, they went on to say that’s because I have serious strength spiritually and emotionally and things that would ordinarily put someone under in those categories, I know how to handle, I know how to come out swinging there, to fight back.

This on the other hand… glass canon.

buy generic viagra in uk I’m going to be shattered with the first hit.

I think in large part because this stuff all seems so meaningless, I don’t want to waste strength on it and because of that, it’s dragging me through life. The problem is that I have a long history of not fighting for my schedule or my food, of just letting that fall by the wayside and now my guides want these things to be my priorities.

I’m going to have to pull it together over and over. I have an idea of what I’m in for, and don’t get me wrong, I realize what I’ll be battling is far from a fire breathing dragon, but for me, this is killer material. Mastering my schedule, my diet, my workouts and my work, for most this is every day life, for me… it feels so foreign.

Again, I realize that most people reading that list wouldn’t be shaking in fear, but I kind of am. I’m a spiritual being that has learned to live fluidly, intuitively, in a relaxed state of oneness with God. Where you may find it strange to talk to the spirit world on a regular basis, I find that completely normal.

Regardless of “normal” I’m now being yanked from my cocoon and thrown into the “real” world.

I shudder at the thought.

Mellow dramatics aside, this is me going into training like someone would for a marathon. I’m being asked to master this real world aspect like I have my spiritual realm, without losing anything in my spiritual world.

One of my guides said to me, “Look at it like this, your body functions just fine whether you lay in bed much of the time, or you work out. But now that you’ve seen the difference in how your body responds to the weight lifting, how much power you have that you never realized you were capable of… which is better?”

He didn’t have to say anything else, I knew exactly what he meant. Before I was lifting weights, my body did fine. It served me, got me where I needed to be… but now, I have strength that I have never felt before and I’m proud of that. It makes me feel powerful. It makes me see things available to me now, that I didn’t even realize I’d just set off to the side as a sacrifice to my sedentary-ness. But for that I have to employ the discipline to work out almost every day.

So if the picture they are trying to paint is that gaining self mastery in these areas will strengthen my entire life the way the weight lifting has strengthened my body… Yeah, I think I’m in for that. Despite the bleh of it. lol

What makes me smile is that this is all very Saturn in Capricorn. This is the theme of these few years, self mastery. Saturn demands it and we all will be having to answer for our choices at the end of this transit.

So self-mastery here I come.

It will be bumpy at first. I’m giving myself permission to fall down… a LOT… but I am not giving myself permission to buy Pregabalin india stay down.

I may embarrass myself in making these changes, or more to the point, embarrassed when I fall down, but I have to put all my effort into them, close out the laughter or unsupportive voices and simply focus on the task in front of me.

I am at the end of the mastery of money quest that has been going on much of this year, and while there may be a few more tests on the horizon, I am eternally grateful that isn’t lumped in with these other things. God is truly so good to us and his timing is always perfection.

Many blessings to you today and always and may you have a blessed week ahead.

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