The Seven Kingdoms – Coming Soon

go site Hidden in the forests surrounding Walt Disney World, Elethiya is a magical place, steeped in mystery, that serves as a gateway to other realms. It is a legendary waterfall, a small town, and a theme park that rivals Disney World itself. The Tales of Elethiya are the stories birthed from her people, her land, her memories.

here Tales of Elethiya is for fans of fairy tales and urban fantasy, and for anyone who always knew there was magic in the ground at the Disney theme parks. Set in the heart of Orlando, the story weaves a trail through the past and present, the world around us and the magical realms. While an immortal struggles with his ties to Walt Disney, the friendship and legacy they shared, and the betrayal that ended it all, the seven high royal princesses of The Great Marrow, who have sought sanctuary in our realm ever since their world went dark, have been attacked by the black angels, the roahn-ami. The two events seem to be entirely unrelated, but rapidly unwind into something much bigger. Now Wraithe’s complicated relationship with Walt begins to appear as much more than he ever imagined. It’s up to this immortal protector and his trusted allies, not only to rescue the missing princesses, but to fulfill the prophecies before Earth is drawn into a never-ending darkness.